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Yoga poses for Back Pain

By Sandhya Karki - Fri Sep 07, 11:07 am

Yoga poses for Back Pain

Yoga is regarded as an effective resource to relieve any kind of illness as well as condition. There are numerous yoga postures and every of these are conducted in different ways and it has its very own positive aspects. Listed below are some popular as well as beneficial yoga poses for those who are suffering from back pain or spinal pain. In general we take high dose of pain killer to avoid back pain but heavy chemical particle in pain killer could damage your kidney in long run, If you follow some steps of yoga in daily basis, you don’t need to eat pain killer to heal back pain or spinal pain. Read in detail of 10 simple yoga poses to get benefit.

Yoga poses for Back Pain

1.         Triangle Pose

2.         Cat and Cow Pose

3.         Bhujangasana or Cobra pose

4.         Pigeon Pose

5.         Child’s Pose or Balasana

6.         Warrior Pose I (Virabhadrasana I)

7.         Hero Pose (Virasana)

8.         Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

9.         gomukhasana(Cow-face Pose)

10.       kati chakrasana

1. Triangle Pose

Triangle pose is referred to as Trikonasana in Sanskrit-tri which means 3 and kona that means corner. Triangle is actually a remedial position which offers lots of benefits which includes building up of the core as well as legs.

Yoga Steps

  • Beginning with standing up mountain position, turn sideways in your yoga exercise mat. Move or perhaps bounce the feet aside around the duration of one of your legs–this may even work to be about 3 or 4 feet aside. Look down in your feet, your left big toe must get in line just together with your right big toe to make sure your hips are usually in ideal position.
  • Change your right toe outside 90 degrees as well as turn your left foot in approximately 45 degrees. Be sure you have a very full exterior rotation of the right leg so that your right knee is lined up straight on the right foot. This implies the rotation of the right leg arises from the hip joint, not really the ankle joint. Raise your arms up as well as expand them outside straight from the shoulders, arms parallel to the floor as well as palms facing the ground. Please take a deeply breathe as well as drop the shoulders out of your ears.
  • Prolong your body on the right directly within the right leg. Visualize the body is in between two panes of glass. Fold from your hip, not the waist. Keep switching on as well as pushing down with the outer left foot to safeguard your pose as well as extends the body. Think the right side of the body is simply as long as the left-don’t not crunch within the right side to move much deeper. Slip the back of the right hand down the inner right shin unless you feel level of resistance, then stop and also hold. Don’t keep hold of your ankle, carrying out that deactivates your stomach muscles, making you sink your right shoulder in your right ear.
  • You would like to keep a sensation of pressing the back of your hands about the inner right leg and also at the same time frame pushing back against the hand together with the right leg. Drop the right part of the body (shoulder and torso) as well as open up your left body. Your head must be held natural, making certain never to drop it out of positioning. If you’d like to go much deeper, you may change your head as well as look at the left-hand. The aim is always to really feel long as well as expanded yet still be capable of breathe in.

Benefits of Triangle Pose (Trikonasana):

•          Relieving your back pain specially lower back.

•          Strengthening and stretching out the muscles of the upper thighs, knees as well  as ankles

•          Stretches shoulders, chest, spines, hips, groins, hamstring, as well as calves

•          Stimulating your stomach body part

•          Improving digestive function


2. Cat and Cow Pose

Cat-Cow is an extremely typical series in yoga exercise courses; it’s nearly as ubiquitous as Downward Dog, or even Adho Mukha Swanasana. There is certainly justified reason just for this: In spite of its relatively simplified title, Cat-Cow (we like its Sanskrit title, Marjariasana) it’s an excellent yoga position for starters, a fantastic spinal column stimulating series, as well as a great yoga exercises for lower back pain. Additionally, it carefully tones the feminine reproductive system and is also a fantastic prenatal yoga pattern nearly the 2nd trimester. Several yoga experts manage that it may also assist bring rid of pain if used throughout your regular monthly cycle.

The important thing to Cat-Cow is several repetitions. Proceed through the movement gradually along with consciousness for 2-3 min’s. The repetitive repetitions produce a mild rubbing action that boosts the blood circulation towards the backbone between your spinal vertebrae. This increases the flexibility as well as overall health of the vertebral discs as well as improves the all-important cushioning motion they’ve created for the spine.

Cat-Cow additionally enhances the essential information pass from the spinal cord, making a general invigorating impact. To feel this, be sure to relax for 20-30 seconds after you have done the succession for 2-3 minutes, permitting your mind to be utilized within the change of feelings within the body. It is really an essential lively addition taking place, which is improved by the consciousness. Taking a moment to tune in to the body after every one of the following two sequences additionally allows you to become aware of the result these simple, rhythmic series have within your overall body.

This particular yoga position series has got two phases into it: Cat-Cow as well as Cat Wheel. The advantages of this yoga asana are tremendously improved in case the stomach is caught on the spine throughout exhalation.

Yoga Steps














1. Enter into Table Pose together with your knees beneath your hips as well as your hands beneath your shoulders. The spine is at simple, concurrent on the ground.

2. When you breathe in, curve your spine, getting your tailbone up-wards and searching up on the ceiling. When you breathe out, intuition your spine, having your spine on the ceiling.

3. Gradually as well as intentionally carry on the movements backwards and forwards in track with the breathing. As the spine will get more comfortable, see if you can live more time in your side. Relieve your spine just a little much deeper in the extend at every extreme-as always without pushing as well as driving. Go on for 1-2 minutes, after that if you think like it, move into the variants.

Benefits of Cat and Cow Pose

- Beneficial for back pain lower and upper back.

3. Bhujangasana or Cobra pose

Bhujangasana yoga position also referred to as the cobra pose is extremely good at coping with spinal-cord discomfort. People getting fallen disc troubles are tremendously achieved positive results from this asana. Bhujangasana yoga position or even the snake pose shows the flexibleness as well as the eternity of the Cobra. Bhujangasana yoga is principally carried out to deal with spinal pain, improve the backbone overall flexibility as well as equilibrium the metabolic performance of the body. It is a perfect method to relax your body muscle tissue and also to strengthen the spinal column.

Yoga Steps












STEP 1: Lay in your stomach, whilst your head sits in your lower arms.

STEP 2: Lift up your forehead, look up-wards as well as extend the hands in reverse. Allow weight relax in your chest.

STEP 3: The head falls just a little in the opposite direction toward your back as well as the backward motion arises from the neck as well as the chin. Transfer your belly more backwards just like somebody is taking your arms. The body weight is more and much more moved towards stomach as well as the back does the actual work.

STEP 4: If you fail to lift up your chest any more, place both hands as well as arms close to your chest within the mat without shedding the bend. Extend your arms so they remain vertical with respect on the ground and also at the same time frame change your arms just a little inward. Rest your lower back as well as bear weight along with your arms.

STEP 5: The butt muscles stay peaceful throughout the physical exercise. Transfer your chest more up-wards along with every breathing out. Try this in the peaceful way rather than making use of pressure. You are able to lean your head backside. Shoulders are wide in the front and also the shoulder muscles stay lower.

Benefits of Bhujangasana or Cobra pose

  • It treats serious back pains which include spondylitis, lumbago (slipped disc) as well as hyper kyphosis.
  • It tones the body muscle tissue particularly hand, legs as well as stomach muscles.
  • As pressure has given to abs muscles throughout this asana, it’s an efficient remedy for constipation.
  • Additionally, it increases the operating of liver, spleen, pancreas as well as gall bladder.
  • It will cause weight reduction simply by managing the hunger as well as burning up the calories saved in stomach region.
  • It is just an extremely powerful method to deal with amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea as well as other uterine problems.

4. Pigeon Pose

Everyone is able to take advantage of starting their hips – whether you’re a jogger, motor biker, a mom-to-be, or even somebody that sits at their own desk all day long – stretching out your hips might help avoid low back pain, or even knee or maybe hamstring muscle accidents.

Yoga Steps

1. Begin on all fours, along with your knees underneath your hips, as well as your hands somewhat in front of the shoulders. Move your right knee toward the back of your right wrist; simultaneously angle your right leg beneath your body and produce your right foot on the front of the left knee. The exterior of your right leg will rest on the ground. Gradually slip your left leg back again, straightening the knee as well as climbing down the front of the thigh towards the floor. Lower the exterior of the right buttock on the floor. Position the right heel just in front of the left hip.

2. The right knee can angle a little to the right, outside of the line of the hip. Look back at the left leg. It must stretch straight out from the hip (and never be angled off to the left), as well as turned somewhat inwardly, so its midline pushes up against the floor. Breathe out as well as place your body on the interior right thigh for a couple breaths. Extend your arms forwards.

3. Then slip the hands back towards the front leg as well as push your fingertips securely towards the floor. Raise your body out of the leg. Extend the low back simply by pressing your tailbone down as well as forward; simultaneously, as well as raise your pubis towards the waist line. Move your left hip point towards the right heel, and also extend the left front groin.

4. If you are able to maintain your vertical posture of the pelvis with no support of the hands on the ground, bring the hands to the very top edge of the pelvis. Push seriously down. From this stress, lift the lower edge of the rib cage. Your back ribs must lift just a little quicker compared to the front. Without reducing the back of your neck, drop your head back again. To raise your chest, push the top of the your breast bone (at the manubrium) upright towards the ceiling.

5. Stay within this posture for the minute. After that, together with your hands back on the ground, very carefully slip the left knee forwards, and then breathe out and also lift up and back to Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose). Please take a couple of breathing, drop the knees to all-fours on an additional exhalation, as well as do it again with the legs changed for the similar period of time.


- Helps to relief lower back pain and stiffness of muscles.

- Helps to stimulate internal organs of human

Knee muscle mass actually avoid the extend from deepening. These are the basic popliteus that wraps round the tibia as well as inserts within the femur in the internal area of the end of the bone. Close the on the outside the knee is definitely the arcuate popliteal ligament as well as the lateral collateral ligament of the knee as well as the medial collateral soft tissue. These types of join the Fibula as well as femur jointly in the outer section of the knee joint. These are also expanded together with the knees inner ligaments.

5. Child’s Pose or Balasana

The Child’s Pose is actually a starter yoga position which extends the muscles from the lower back, along with the internal upper thighs. For all those together with tight back as well as hip muscles, this can, obviously, seem like work. Yet get beyond the stress as well as Child’s Pose is seriously soothing. It encourages versatility, stress reliever and enables blood circulation towards the muscles, joints as well as disks in the back.

Yoga Steps

  • Kneel on the ground. Touch your big toes with each other as well as sit down on your heels, after that split the knees about as broad as the hips.
  • Breathe out and also place your body down in between your thighs. Widen your sacrum over the back of the hips as well as narrow your hip points towards the waist line, so they nestle down on the internal thighs. Extend your tailbone out of the back of the pelvis when you lift the bottom of your head out from the back of the neck.
  • Lay your hands on the ground together with your body, palms up, as well as discharge the fronts of the shoulders towards the ground. Feel how a bodyweight of the front shoulders draws the shoulder muscles wide throughout your back.
  • Balasana is usually a relaxing pose. Remain between Thirty seconds to a couple minutes. First-timers may also work with Balasana to obtain a flavor of the deep forward fold, where body rests within the thighs. Be in the position from one to three minutes. To come up, very first prolong the front body, and after that with the breathing lift through the tailbone because it presses down as well as in the hips.

Prevent child’s pose in case you have diarrhea or even are currently pregnant. Don’t conduct Balasana in case you have experienced knee injuries, until you are within the guidance of the skilled instructor. If you’re pregnant, have gotten hip surgery, or even have problems with acid reflux disease, you may exercise this position by using minor changes. Rather than bringing the knees collectively, touch your big toes whilst keeping your knees a minimum of hip length aside. This may let room for the big belly, reduce the stress on your hips, and prevent placing unneeded pressure within the stomach, which may magnify heartburn.

Benefits of Child’s Pose:

  • Secretes pressure within the back, shoulders as well as chest which relief the back pain
  • Suggested for those who have lightheadedness or even exhaustion
  • Assists reduce anxiety and stress
  • Flexes the body’s bodily organs as well as maintains them flexible
  • It elongates as well as extends the spinal column
  • Reduces neck and lower back pain whenever carried out with the head as well as body supported
  • It carefully extends the hips, thighs as well as ankles
  • Normalizes blood circulation through the entire body
  • It extends muscles, tendons as well as ligaments within the knee
  • Relaxes the body and mind
  • Promotes strong as well as constant inhaling and exhaling

6. Warrior Pose I (Virabhadrasana I)

The Warrior Pose I or Virabhadrasana I increases equilibrium as well as speed and also firms your legs, back, and arms. Additionally, it focuses on the chest, shoulders, neck, as well as stomach area. Figure out how to perform the Warrior Pose I within this section.

Yoga Steps

STEP 1: Begin with the Mountain / hill Pose.

STEP 2: Bounce or even transfer your left feet side to side so that your feet are around 4 feet aside.

STEP 3: Change your left foot 90 degrees on the left as well as place your right feet about 45 degrees on the left.

STEP 4: Turn your body on the left.

STEP 5: Fold your left knee. Make certain that the knee is directly over your foot. Folding too much can result in knee injuries.

STEP 6: Raise both of your hands – palms must be confronting inward as well as fingertips are outstretched. This can be an effective Standing Pose which supplies several advantages just like increased stamina as well as strength particularly in the legs and ankles. Allow your Yoga teacher assist you in accomplishing this position.

Benefits of Warrior I Pose:

  • Make your spinal or back strong
  • Firms shoulders, arms, legs, ankles and back
  • Opens up your hips, chest as well as lungs
  • Increases concentration, balance as well as steadiness
  • Promotes great blood circulation as well as respiration
  • Extends your arms, legs, shoulders, neck, belly, groins and ankles
  • Stimulates your entire body

7.  Hero Pose (Virasana)

The Hero Pose is probably the simple Sitting down Poses, in addition good for Meditating. The interior spinning of the upper legs as well as knees is reverse on the movement in the Lotus Pose; as a result, it both releases the hips, knees, as well as ankles when preparing for the Lotus Pose as well as behaves as a moderate counter pose. The Hero Pose is additionally the beginning Yoga posture for many forward bends, backward bends, as well as twists.

Yoga Steps

STEP 1: Begin with the hands as well as knees on the ground just as the Cat Pose. Have got the knees hip-width aside so the thighs are concurrent with each other, as well as split your feet till they’re somewhat wider as compared to your hips. Make sure that the feet are pointing directly backwards, not turning in or even out.

STEP 2: Sit down in between your feet beginning with assisting yourself together with your hands and after that gradually lowering your hips towards the ground. In case you are not able to sit easily, or maybe you really feel any discomfort within your legs, raise your hips simply by putting a flattened Yoga Blanket or even Zafu (Zen pillow) underneath you. Make use of this support before you encounter a sense of relieve (this might take many months). Ultimately, you’ll be able to sit down in between your feet without any pain along with your buttocks strongly on the floor.

STEP 3: Sit tall. Deal with the habit to slump by modifying the butt muscles side to side as well as back along with your hands, and also slanting the pelvis somewhat forwards so that you are situated to the front side of each sitting bone. After that pull the abdomen backwards in the direction of the spine and also gently change your hips towards cat lean to create neutral positioning of the center, your pelvis generating a ninety-degree angle together with the thighs. You’re now on the tips of the sitting down bones.

Relax the hands within your lap, in your thighs, or even in your ankles, after that shut the eyes. Raise as well as free your chest, relax shoulders back as well as down out of your ears, after that lift or even reduce your chin till your head senses completely well balanced, weightless on top of the spinal column. Sit down silently for around one minute.

Benefits of Hero Pose:

  • This pose assists rest of spinal which help to relief back pain.
  • Extends the hips, thighs, knees, ankles and feet
  • Increases blood circulation as well as reduces exhausted legs
  • Firms foot arches, reducing flat feet
  • Increases digestion as well as eliminates gas
  • Assists reduce the signs and symptoms of menopause
  • Improves healthy posture
  • Decreases inflammation of the lower limbs while being pregnant (through second trimester)
  • Healing for asthma and high blood pressure level

8. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Ustrasana (Camel pose) is an extremely advantageous position mainly because it provides us away from our everyday regular position of rounding your back as well as hunching over as well as brings us in a posture of opening up the front body in addition to lengthening the spine. For that reason, it could be a very hard position, and it’s also challenging to complete without overarching in the lower back, which in turn causes compression as well as discomfort within the lower spinal column.

Yoga Poses

1. Come up on your knees. Take support beneath your knees if they’re hypersensitive.

2. Draw the hands in the side of the body while you begin to open your chest.

3. Achieve the hands back one after the other to recognize your heels.

4. Take your hips forwards in order that they could be over the knees.

5. Allow your head return, opening up your throat.

Ustrasana perform quietly, however wonderfully, to enhance problems of the digestive, respiratory, endocrine, lymphatic, skeletal, as well as circulatory systems. This particular posture is usually recommended for individuals struggling with asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, thyroid and parathyroid disorders, spondylitis, as well as voice disorders. Doctors could also recommend camel pose to individuals who’ve constipation, colitis, dyspepsia, obesity of the thighs or arms, and Genito-urinary disorder of the kidney, urinary bladder, ovaries, testes and prostate. In Sanskrit, “ustra” signifies camel as well as “asana” means position, therefore the English name.

Benefits of Camel Pose:

  • Reduces lower back pain
  • Decreases fat on thighs
  • Opens the hips, stretching out deep hip flexors
  • Extends as well as firms shoulders and back
  • Increases the stomach region, enhancing digestive function as well as eradication
  • Enhances posture
  • Opens the chest area, enhancing respiration
  • Releases up the vertebrae
  • Helps to cure as well as equilibrium the chakras
  • Tones up thighs as well as arms
  • Increases flexibleness, particularly in the spine
  • Encourages endocrine glands
  • Secretes pressure in the ovaries
  • Extends the ankles, thighs, groin, abdomen, chest, and throat
  • Cures constipation
  • Tones organs in the abdomen, pelvis, and neck
  • Suits general health as well as well-being

9. Gomukhasana (Cow-face Pose)

Gomukhasana (Cow-face Pose) is probably the well-known sitting down positions. It is called “cow-face” simply because within this pose the lower limbs appear like the face area of the cow. The 2 knees together with the gap in between seem like the mouth as well as, the shin, the side of the face. Feet seem like the ears of the cow.

Yoga Poses

  1. Start in the cross-legged seated position
  2. Bring the right foot on the outside of the left thing as well as slip the foot near to the left hip
  3. Bring the left ankle joint through the side of the right hip. Attempt to ensure that both knees are one above the other.
  4. Make your energy to slip both feet as far back as comfy
  5. Try to maintain the spine straight and also vertical as well as the head facing ahead
  6. Raise the right arm and produce the hand over the shoulder
  7. Wrap the left arm behind your back. Attempt to hold the left-hand together with the right-hand behind the back, joining the fingers of these two hands jointly.
  8. In the start it may seem challenging to support the two hands jointly; even so, with more experience, you need to progressively be capable of achieve this. If you’re not able to support the hands, you might want to make use of a strap holding it together with the two hands and attempting to shut the space between your two hands.
  9. Stay within the last pose for around 10-12 breaths.

10. Release the hands as well as extend the legs straight, jump the knees several times.

11. Repeat the asana in the other way, this time around folding the left leg as well as putting the left foot on the outside of the right thigh.

12. Bring the right ankle joint through the side of the left hip. Make certain that the knees are over one another. Attempt to slip the feet as far back as comfy.

13. Raise the left arm and put the hand over the left shoulder

14. Wrap the right arm behind your back. Attempt to hold the left hand together with the right hand behind your back, joining the fingers of these two hands jointly.

15. Straighten your back as well as support the head vertical as well as facing the front

16. Remain within the last pose for around 10-12 breaths

17. Lastly release the post as well as rest in the comfy cross-legged seated posture.

Benefits of Gomukhasana (Cow-face Pose)

  • Assists eliminate stiffness and pain within the back, spine, shoulders and neck.
  • Gomukhasana assists stimulate rest.
  • Whenever you feel exhausted, stressed or even anxious, rehearsing this asana might help relieve the stress.
  • Energizes the kidneys
  • Useful in improving health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure levels, as well as sexual failure
  • Develops the chest area as well as enhances breathing
  • Extends the muscles of the back, buttocks and also the knees and enables with backache, sciatica as well as rheumatism


Stay away from the pose in case you have severe back or even shoulder difficulties. Additionally, if you have pain within the knees or even hips, try to avoid extend feet much back.

10. Kati chakrasana

Kati Chakrasana is actually a Sanskrit phrase, which implies turning of your waistline. In Kati Chakrasana, Kati means “waist/lower back” as well as chakra describes “circle/rotation,” therefore it is referred to as Waist Rotating Pose in English. It is extremely easy and simple to carry out yet has several advantages. It will help to get rid of the additional fat through the stomach as well as waist and also helps to make the waist much more flexible as well as soft.

Yoga Steps

  1. Stand vertical along with your legs near to one another. Look straight. Let your palm relax on each side of the thighs.
  2. Start breathing in gradually.  Simultaneously raise your right-hand from the side as well as allow it to be close to your ear whenever placed higher. Don’t fold the knee. Palm should be facing your left side.
  3. While breathing out standing in the same position gradually fold the whole upper section of the body in the direction of left. Watchful never to slim ahead while carrying this out. Whenever your body’s being tilted towards left allow your left hand slide down through your left thighs. As soon as bent optimum stay for 2 seconds before you decide to getaway on the previous pose. While going back to the previous position inhale slowly and gradually.
  4. (Make sure to carry out each and every Yoga exercise slowly and gradually)
  5. Now bring down your lifted right hand to relax your palm in your thighs
  6. Do exactly the same to your opposite side by elevating your left-hand as well as moving the body on the right.

Benefits of Kati Chakrasana Yoga

•          Improves overall flexibility as well as durability of back, spine and waist

•          Removes shoulders as well as neck hardness

•          Heal gas, constipation, and indigestion as well as intestine difficulties

•          Beneficial in neck disorder as well as balances the thyroid gland

•          Helps individuals being affected by Asthma

•          Prevents as well as cure cervical problem

•          Reduces fat all-around waistline

•          Makes the central nervous system as well as endocrine glands powerful


Individuals being affected by serious lower back pain as well as cervical pain shouldn’t execute this asana. Women that are pregnant and individuals along with injured knee, hernia as well as fallen disc must also prevent this asana. Individuals who have spinal problems need to talk to their doctor just before executing this yoga exercise.


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  1. The people who has chronic back pain they should not do yoga directly. They have to start from basic exercise (suchma yoga) then after 1 month they can do yoga.

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