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How to make coleslaw salad

By Sandhya Karki - Wed Oct 10, 9:10 am

Creamy Coleslaw Salad Recipe
Cooking Time

60 Minutes



Preparation Time

15 Minutes

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Serves 4

Coleslaw is actually a scrumptious recipe of crunch packed with numerous vegetables. It really is one particular recipe which combines veggies, which usually we might normally never consume. Undoubtedly a wonderful choice to assist your daily diet together with healthy and balanced nourishment. This easy recipe has got cabbage as the major component. Some other veggies just like carrots, onions plus more may also be included. Vegetables along with other elements just like mayonnaise; essential oil as well as natural herbs can also be utilized, and may even differ according to the recipe. Nutritious coleslaw will not likely utilize plenty of essential oil as well as elements loaded with cholesterol along with fat. The dressing is generally mild. However for some individuals, coleslaw is really a weighty bite of rich and creamy fat. We agree with the fact, yet there are several healthy recipes, which could conserve the calories and provide a great deal of advantages, along with fulfilling your taste buds as well.


Cole slaw is actually a classic salad generally made out of uncooked, sliced or even cut up cabbage, as well as, with regards to the kind of recipe utilized, it’s really a naturally balanced as well as low-calorie side dish option. Main elements, such as cabbage, carrots and often broccoli, offer minerals and vitamins, along with soluble fiber. Mayonnaise provides protein, fats, along with other nutrition. Add much more fascinating components, tastes as well as spices or herbs in your cole slaw for additional selection as well as nutrition.

It really is usually consumed like a side dish to food items such as Moi Moi, Fried/Barbecued Chicken, Jollof Rice and lots of additional rice dishes.

Coleslaw is generally offered cooled allowing the dressing settle in the veggies.


A pinch of salt

5 tablespoons of salad cream (preferably Heinz Classic Salad Cream)

4 tablespoons of mayonnaise

2 medium carrots

1 small green bell pepper

1 small cabbage

1 medium onion

½ tin of green peas

½ teaspoon sugar

Below is some detailed information about the ingredients which are utilized in this particular dish Coleslaw.


Cabbage, a nourishing foodstuff which will help lower cholesterol levels and is also an excellent source of dietary fiber, is truly the major compound utilized in cole slaw, even though some individuals choose to make use of or even include broccoli on the salad. You can find almost the suggested every day quantity of vitamin K within cabbage, along with the anti-oxidant power vitamin C, in accordance with “100 Best Health Foods.” A cabbage also offers several vitamins B6 and also foliates. The chief minerals present in cabbage consist of calcium, potassium. Cabbage also offers trace quantities of proteins.


Carrots supply crucial nutritional vitamins, just like vitamin A, that is very therapeutic for skin as well as encourages cell health; vitamin K, which will help along with blood clotting as well as glucose transformation; vitamin C, that is a effective anti-oxidant essential for collagen development as well as assisting the immunity process; as well as vitamin B6, which will help your body to make use of protein, carbohydrates as well as fats, in accordance with “Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia.” Carrots also provide a nourishing type of carotene and supply minerals, just like potassium as well as manganese, in addition to trace quantities of some other nutrition.


Elements within mayonnaise just like eggs assist cole slaw supply a number of protein, fats, as well as other nutrients, like vitamin E, tryptophan, vitamin B12, iodine, selenium, as well as phosphorus, based on the 100 Best Health Foods. A number of people include bitter cream on their cole slaw salads, which also supplies protein. Even so, observe the fat content of included mayonnaise in cole slaw. If one makes cole slaw in the home, choose lessen calorie mayonnaise and products made out of soybean or even safflower oils. Prevent mayonnaise made out of hydrogenated oils.


Several cole slaws, especially the varieties available at a deli or even in a quick food restaurant, consist of higher amounts of sodium, in accordance with MyFitnessPal. Take notice of the salt content of almost all pre-created cole slaw, specifically if you are conducting a lower salt diet. Opt for creating cole slaw at your house so as to handle the amount of salt included..


Yet another component delis and also fast-food eateries usually add to cole slaw is sugars. The additional quantities are higher is some take-out cole slaws. Find out about the sugars information ahead of accepting your cole slaw is lower in calorie.

Just before slicing the veggies for preparing cole slaw salads each of the veggies have to be cleaned appropriately.


  1. Slice cabbage as well as carrots right into a big bowl.
  2. Cut green onions. Put onions to cabbage as well as carrot mix.
  3. Combine mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar, mustard, as well as pepper and salt in an additional bowl to create the rich and creamy salad dressing.
  4. Put the dressing above the cabbage, carrots as well as onions and also combine well to cover the veggies.
  5. Shift the cole slaw into a smaller sized bowl and canopy it along with plastic material cover.
  6. Chill a minimum of couple of hours just before serving.

Tips & Warnings

  • Save preparing time period simply by utilizing a 16-ounce bag of pre-shredded cole slaw mix rather than cutting up entire cabbage as well as carrots.
  • Replace lower fat mayonnaise simply for normal mayonnaise as well as synthetic sweetener for sugar to create a far healthier lower calorie recipe.
  • Modify exactly how rich and creamy the salad dressing is actually by including yet another tbsp. or even a couple of mayonnaise or maybe by thinning using a tbsp. and even a couple of milk
  • Don’t keep cole slaw or some other mayonnaise-centered dish without refrigerated for longer than couple of hours due to the chance of food-based health problems.

Take note: If you like the coleslaw creamier, you’ll be able to boost the amount of the salad cream. You can include a bit of ground pepper if you’d prefer it hot and spicy.


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