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Halasana (Plough pose)

By Sandhya Karki - Thu Sep 13, 4:04 am

Halasana (Plough pose)


Your body takes the design much like a plough ( Hala in Sanskrit ). Additionally as the plough helps make the tough floor smooth, within this asana the blood vessels are usually extended which usually decreases the tightness of the entire body.

Pre position

Supine Position.



  1. Breathe out as well as breathing in, begin elevating both legs upwards and prevent whenever they create angle of 90 degree together with the ground. Get the Uttanpadasana position.
  2. Breathing out enhance the waist, hips as well as push the legs backwards above the head. Attempt to keep up with the sense of balance.
  3. Right after breathing out totally, push the legs more backside and attempt to touch floor along with feet. Maintain the toes extended.
  4.  Carry on usual inhaling and exhaling.


Keep the legs straight or maybe the estimated pressure to the organs isn’t accomplished. Within this location head, shoulders, toes as well as arms must relax on the floor. The chin pressed in Jalandhar Bandha.


Breathe out as well as breathing in raise the feet on the floor maintaining the legs straight in knees.

Carry on breathing in as well as gradually keep your back on the floor as well as take the Uttanpadasana posture.

Breathing out, bring legs back in the regular location without having jerk or even quickness.


This asana is tough in the beginning, particularly for ladies together with large hips as well as guys along with large bellies. In the beginning you may take assistance of other individual whilst elevating the hips as well as waist. This asana must be retained for Thirty seconds soon after adequate exercise to obtain the preferred outcomes.

Internal Effects

  1. In this particular asana the spinal column is extended completely within a curve. It might be much more flexible as well as its all-round working has been improved. As with Sarvangasana Jalandhar Bandha is conducted as well as the exact same benefits are obtained.
  2. All of the muscles from toes to waist may also be extended assisting enhancement in the working of veins.
  3. This kind of asana can also be helpful for gastric problems, digestion difficulties.


  1. Avoid jerks or even fast actions as it can certainly result in several trouble for the backbone. Therefore the actions must be managed at each phase of the asana.
  2. Individuals struggling with spleen as well as lever issues must do this asana right after talking to Yoga professional.

Do’s & Don’ts


- Keep your legs straight in knees along with toes straight on the floor over your head.

- Increase the whole back & butt off the floor.

- Legs are usually in one straight line.

- So far as probable, your back remains to be straight & vertical.

- Hands straight along with palms on the floor.

- Shoulders sitting on the floor.

- The chin relaxing within the sternal level. (In Chin lock position)

Advanced variation -

- One can expand the toes in reverse making sure that the top of foot rests on the floor.


- Usually do not fold the legs in knees.

- Usually do not shift the neck or overstrain it in chin lock posture.


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