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Hairstyles for round face shapes

By Sandhya Karki - Wed Oct 10, 6:33 am

The best hair styles for circular face designs may help equilibrium the face area. No matter if you want a shorter, moderate, or even lengthy look, with the correct hair styling methods, you can obtain a spectacular fashion that actually works magnificently together with your specific face design.

Very best cuts and designs for ladies along with circular faces

Just before we actually talk about some excellent styles for circular face designs, you should know how you can figure out the shape of the face.

Here’s one method to determine your face form:

To discover the design of your face, calculate it using a tape-measure or even ruler. Get (and also jot down) these:

  • Measure the face throughout the top of your cheekbones, after that calculate throughout your jaw line, between your broadest points.
  • Measure throughout your forehead in the broadest point. Usually the broadest point will probably be someplace about midway in between your eyebrows as well as your hair line.
  • Measure through the broadest point of your forehead to the bottom of the chin. (Keep in mind that you’re calculating the face — not your whole head — as well as mid-forehead to chin will often cover that area.)


There are numerous different ways ladies have utilized to determine this form — from outlining the face area on the mirror along with lipstick to hanging it using a towel as well as requesting others to assist determine the shape. You can test any one of these suggestions or even make use of the methods defined above. Whatever your process, remember that this is much more about art as compared to science! (And the fact that no one truly features a round-as-a-basketball head.)

However whether your face is recognized as round within the beauty and design world — or possibly is much more oblong or even rectangular — you’ve still got exactly the same objective: to obtain the most complementing hairstyle achievable.

Round face dimensions

For those who have a circular face, the face will probably be about as broad since it is lengthy. This might differ just a little exactly where the face isn’t as broad since it is lengthy, truly fairly close. For those who have a circular face, you will possess fullness at as well as using your cheekbones. Individuals with round faces additionally generally have broad hairlines, less-pronounced chins, as well as their necks usually appear shorter.

Listed here are the most typical face designs apart from round. Many people will go with one of the leading groups, which also consist of:

Oval Face – Size similar to 1 1 / 2 times breadth.

Long – More than it is wide.

Heart – Narrow at jawline, broad at forehead as well as cheekbones.

Square – Forehead, jawline as well as cheek bones are nearly equivalent in width.

Diamond – Wide cheeks, narrow forehead and jaw line.

Hairstyles for round faces

Generally there really isn’t any one “perfect” hair style for the round-shaped face, as numerous points factor in the complete formula. For instance, the size of your hair, its structure as well as weight, your actual age as well as lifestyle needs just about all plays a role in what is eventually the very best.

There are actually great common recommendations that you could comply with, however the best solution is to locate a style that actually works good for you and all sorts of your elegance requirements.

In case your face is circular, the very best hair styles usually consist of:

Layered bangs instead of straight or even heavy bangs.

Short styles that provide height.

Styles which include length.

Styles which maintain the sides of the hair small or even near to the face.

Curls round the crown — yet never close to the cheekbones — to make height. Maintain the sides of the hair small using a curly style.

Longer to lengthy styles, along with bangs along with completed shag or even layers so the faces as well as the neck are provided a slenderizing design.

Together with full cheeks along with a round chin which join with each other to create a circle, a fairly sweet cherub-like excellent describes the appearance of a round face shape. The easiest method to help make your facial figure try to your benefit is always to compare along with angular cuts as well as layers which skimmed the face area.

“Layers are the most effective friend of the round face shape. There is certainly a great deal that you can do along with layers to personalize a look that actually works flawlessly for you personally, to emphasize the curves of the face that may usually get lost in an ocean of hair,” states Guido, You Beauty Hair Advisor.

If you have straight or wavy hair

straight-or-wavy-hairSince straight as well as curly hair strands have a tendency to drop right from the face, hair will obviously undertake the round form of your head in case you don’t trim layers in the base. Ultimately, a side swept bang or even smaller pieces need to hit in the cheekbone to specify the bone structure here, and after that carry on down in completed layers to produce structure as well as improve movements. The one area exactly where layers shouldn’t hit are at the chin, as hair strands will relax in a position which makes the face area appear distractingly rounder.The simplest length to drag off is really a lengthier look, since gravity may pull your hair to fall in the fuller situation at the end which stabilizes out your functions. Even so, if you’d prefer shorter hair, angling a bob from short within the back in lengthier right in front making sure that hair strands hit further down on the neck will prove to add a smooth decrease. An additional enjoyable chance to have fun with angles can be your part, which may be worn in the deep or perhaps irregular in shape line for distinction.

If you have curly hair

curly-hairThe thicker amount of frizzy hair may possibly frighten you into assuming that the texture just makes the face appear rounder, however the top secret to acquiring stunning balance is based on the utilization of layers and ways in which you part hair.

“The advantage of curls is always that as soon as the length is more than the chin, you accomplish an all-natural weight which does a few of the work for you by dragging the hair into an even more lengthening look,” states Guido.

In case your locks are particularly curly, you may eliminate a few of the volume which is situated near the face by using triangular levels. This involves cutting straight across pieces held up through the crown, and after that cutting hair which is held out straight in the back and sides within a downward angle. Doing this may prevent curls from mind-boggling the sides of the face.

Play around with a deep or even irregular side part to compare the roundness of the features along with angles, ensuring to utilize a pick comb to determine part lines into what exactly is usually an unmanageable curl texture. In case you put on a much deeper part in this way, make certain locks are parted that way before you’ll cut, or perhaps you might end up with too-short pieces on one hand.

If you have highly textured hair

highly-textured-hairIf you’d prefer to experience with extensions, no form pulls off long, mopping layers really like the curves of the round face. To equilibrium the load of the lengthier length, brief layers must be reduce the crown to include a fundamental base as well as volume at the very top. A deep, side part as well as layers which swell downwards through the cheekbones may add an interesting angle which brings the bone shape of the face.

To get a limited look along with normal structure, the top edges of the crown must have somewhat lengthier hair strands compared to the sides of the head, so that you can enhance the design of the face so the round shape doesn’t outrank your physical features. Moderate lengths appear very best along with slimming levels in the sides of the face, so your eyes as well as lips will be in the spotlight, rather than the bulk of the hair. Keep from ending your length candidly in the chin, which will result in your hair strands to shed its all-natural wave design, as well as rather comply with the round form of the face

Short Hair Styles for Round Faces

Short locks are simple to handle and magnificence; there are numerous shorter cuts that really work along with round-shaped faces. The secret is to include size towards the top of the head through the number of layers or even increased hits. This will assist stretch out the face. While hair styling a shorter hairstyle, always employs a volatizing product to assist raise the foundation of the hair as well as increase the amount of shade.

Shaggy Style

Shaggy StyleA shaggy haircut with a lot of levels will certainly compliment round faces. Utilizing an off-centered part with a shorter style assists split up a rounded appearance, as well as shags are usually especially efficient for round faces along with shorter hair lengths, particularly when uneven side taken bangs are included in this appearance. A shag cut which hits right in the jaw line or even decrease will assist you to stretch out the face area. Be sure to request uneven or even razor cut levels, as these layers are much more prone to add some focus required to split up a round face.



Swing Bob

Swing BobThe swing bob is yet another look that enhances round face styles. A swing bob is smaller within the back as well as lengthier right in front. Preferably, you will need your swing bob heading to in the chin or even lower, so that it supports frames the face. This will assist smooth out the face so that it appears somewhat lengthier and much less round. While hairs styling this particular hair style ensure that you make use of a big round brush, so the front of the hair shifts towards face.




Pixie Cut

pixie-cutThe pixie cut is really a short hairstyle that lots of ladies are scared to test, however the cut may enhance people who have round faces. An extremely brief, straight pixie cut can look best along with round faces. Let tiny wisps of hair to fall round the face, since this may help balance a round face design.





Medium Hair Styles for Round Faces

Numerous ladies along with round faces decide to keep moderate length hair. Moderate length hair must usually hit round the shoulders or even somewhat beneath. Along with moderate length haircuts it is very important to have got regular cuts to maintain the ends looking even as well as well maintained.

Layered Medium Style

Layered Medium StyleA moderate haircut with a lot of levels can also add length to the round shaped face as well as include sense of balance. A lengthier level needs to be round the face thus hitting between your chin and also the shoulder blades. Snuggle the hair inward while hair styling so that it support frames the face and also balance the face area out. A reduced level needs to be included on top of the head to add additional volume towards the style. In contrast to the shag hair style, levels needs to be combined along with the cut to produce an all-over simple look.



Long Bob

Long BobThe long bob is flexible hair style that work well for a lot of diverse face designs, which includes round faces. The actual long bob is usually used straight as well as smooth, and while the hair is brief within the back it slowly becomes considerably longer right in front. While hair styling this hair style, make use of a big round comb to produce a simple as well as polished-looking design. Utilizing a volatizing mousse around the hair just before blow-drying can give the hair the additional raise it requires.




Long Hair Styles for Round Faces

Long hair normally assists extend a round face shape. Including the best kind of levels to long hair can make round faces appear lengthier and can highlight the proper features in the face.

Long Smooth Layers

Long Smooth LayersThe secret is to prevent including additional volume round the cheeks (the maximum area of the face). Keep lengthier locks sleek as well as narrow till they move the chin. You can include wispy tapered ends to assist ease the face as well as include variation. An offset side edge or even side swept bangs is also another methods to include lengthier hair to assist slenderize a round face.




Center Part

Center PartNumerous hairstyles include a side part which will help reduce the face, as well as cover up the forehead without having making the face appear too circular. A person with round-shaped faces, even so, needs to be doing the alternative using their style, as well as styling their hair using a center part. A center part is particularly complementing on individuals with long hair. As soon as the locks are separated within the middle, layers should not be smaller compared to chin length; this will assist include length to the face.




Hair Color for Long Hair

Women along with lengthier hair can certainly make use of color to assist stretch out their face. Highlights that frame the face may also break up lengthy hairstyles and make a narrow look. Don’t get the highlights excessive lighter as compared to your natural hair color, or even they will look too severe towards the face.

Hairstyles to Try

  • Hairstyles along with height as well as volume in the crown will provide the impression of the narrow face shape, especially those short in total length.
  • Longer hair styles or even ones which are kept near to the cheeks without any thickness will appear much better.
  • Middle parts are ideal for making the impression of narrow length.
  • No bangs are a fantastic as the focus point will become the link of the nose, making a much more oval shape.
  • If bangs are utilized they must be taken across, or even in the situation of solid bangs, just in which there is considerable height on top.
  • Shorter hair styles are usually wonderful and don’t smother tiny circular facial looks.

Hairstyles to Prevent

  • Hair styles which include volume throughout the sides just like chin area size bob cuts, direct or even kicking in design.
  • Side parts and high straight across bangs produce a broader shorter shape and for that reason needs to be definitely avoided at any cost on hair styles without any height.

The Right Short Hairstyle

The Right Short HairstyleThis particular hair style provides height as well as can make our round models face seem to be more than it really is. Individuals with round faces have to include height not really width, which can be just what this hair style really does.





The Wrong Short Hairstyle

The Wrong Short HairstyleThis kind of hairstyle tends to make our round models face seem possibly more rounder as well as broader. The bangs result in the face smaller whilst the sides which remove once more encourage breadth. This is an excellent illustration of what not to use.





The Right Medium Hairstyle

The Right Medium HairstyleThis specific hairstyle provides the look of the oblong shape. The edges assist slender the face down, whilst no bangs show off a lot more forehead and for that reason an extended design. The off center part assists separate the face area equally which makes it additionally appear lengthier instead of broader. It’s really a wonderful appearance!




The Wrong Medium Hairstyle

The Wrong Medium HairstyleThis situation displays how including size instead of length to round face shapes is terrible. The bangs reduce the face whilst the hair which kicks out just enhances breadth as well as roundness. This can be a wonderful hair style yet is certainly bad for round face designs.





The Right Long Hairstyle

The Right Long HairstyleThis particular soft layered appearance is fantastic for the models round face shape. The center part assists separate her face directly into 2 lengthier parts whilst the lack of bangs does not give up any kind of top to bottom length. Straight hair would certainly really be more desirable as well as thinner in style however this example exhibits a great indicator of precisely how shape is all things in hair style design and style.




The Wrong Long Hairstyle

The Wrong Long HairstyleThis particular hair style exhibits that the round hairstyles along with a round face really do not complement one another. Even though with this much volume in the crown can occasionally is the best thing, this design provides wider towards the sides that makes the face show up bigger and extremely circular. The bangs really are a nice touch yet cover the face area up excessive. It’s really a beautiful hair style however it is simply not suitable for a round face design.




Special Occasion Styles for Round Faces

If you want to style you hair for the special day but still wish to enhance your round face shape, there are numerous choices which will appear spectacular together with your face.

Low Side Bun:

Place your hair in the lower bun, on the side of the head. Start with a minimal, side ponytail and also the cover your hair right into a bun. Ensure that you leave bits of hair right down to shape the face. Include additional volume to the bun simply by tease the hair initially.

Loose Pony Tail:

An unfastened, passionate ponytail harmonizes with almost any kind of face shape. Start by adding curls in the hair directly into big, free waves. Apply an ample quantity of hairspray into the hair so that it stays on in position. Very carefully put the hair right into a lower or even moderate ponytail, allowing for a number of hair strands of curls to hang over the face.

Big Volume Style:

Put your hair in big hot rollers, and also let fixed for a number of minutes. This may provide you with long-lasting, huge spacious waves. Be sure to apply the hair by using a versatile hold hairspray. Part your hair sideways. Draw the side with all the smallest amount of hair back as well as safe using a barrette, so it will be off the face. This kind of look isn’t only ideal for nights and often will additionally help stretch out the face.


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