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Beach body abs workout

By Sandhya Karki - Fri Sep 21, 11:41 am

Below are a few options to ab crunches!

Beach body abs workout








This particular one is quite entertaining.









  1. Begin posture: Lay back on ground or even table along with knees curved as well as hands expanded in the direction of roof. Head ought to be within a simple location with a space in between chin area as well as chest area.
  2. Leading together with the chin along with chest towards roof, contract the stomach and lift shoulders away floor or even bench. Additionally elevate legs up in the direction of roof and try to touch the hands to the toes.
  3. Go back to start off posture.


Alternating Toe Touch


Alternating Toe Touch








I really like the way in which this particular one appears

  1. Begin posture: Lay back on ground or perhaps table together with toes up in the atmosphere. Head needs to be in the simple posture having a space or room in between chin as well as chest.
  2. Leading with the chin as well as chest towards roof, tighten the stomach and lift shoulders out of floor or even bench. Expand one arm and also take the alternative foot. Go back to start off posture as well as replicate along with other hand.
  3. Make sure to maintain head as well as back in a simple posture. Hyperextension or even flexion might cause injuries. To improve level of resistance, maintain medicine ball within hands. To reduce level of resistance, posture hand closer in the direction of body










Usually a classic

  1. Begin by putting your arms on the floor as well as creating a planks together with your arms as well as toes.
  2. Maintain this situation keeping the body concurrent to the floor to the expected time period.


Jump up, up and up









  1. From a standing up posture, bounce as much as probable and also land down on the feet together with your hands on the floor.
  2. Kick the feet backside. For just a moment you may be in the push-up posture and jump back again as quickly as possible.
  3. Replicate for the expected repetitions.


Belly Blaster









So for those who are  usually on the top…..

  1. Begin in a planks posture together with your elbows as well as arms on to the ground, the body concurrent towards the ground and up on the feet.
  2. Make certain your belly button is absorbed in towards your spine and lift your hips up in the atmosphere and also maintain for just a 1 second count.
  3. Come back to the beginning as well as replicate for the recommended amount of practice.


Supine Double Leg Raise

So you can actually place your legs on his shoulders with no trouble








  1. Begin by lying down on your back along with a small bend within your knees.
  2. Lift up your legs to the vertical with respect posture towards the ground. This is the beginning posture.
  3. Slowly and gradually reduce your legs unless you shall no longer be effective in keeping your abs firm as well as your lower back on the ground.
  4. Lift up your legs back up to the beginning posture and also replicate.
  5. Just decrease your legs so far as your abs has sufficient power for.


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